Q: Can I submit a manuscript after the patent publication?

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I have applied for a patent. I was going to submit a manuscript before the patent publication, but the manuscript submission was not [could not happen] in time due to a [the] priority claim of the patent. In this case, can I submit a manuscript even after the patent publication? Also, the manuscript publication may be delayed due to [a possible] rejection. How much time is allowed for a manuscript publication after a patent publication?

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There are some parts of your query that are not very clear. But don’t worry, these don’t seem very critical. So, we have added some words or phrases for enhanced understanding.

Anyway, you basically have two queries. Let’s take them one by one.

Can you submit a manuscript after the patent publication/acceptance?

The answer is not ‘can,’ but ‘should’: you should submit your manuscript after the patent acceptance. If you submit your manuscript before patent acceptance, there is a possibility of your work getting ‘scooped.’ Sometime back, we had responded to the opposite query by another researcher, but the information is similar. You may go through that query (and response) here: How to write a mail requesting the manuscript be published after the patent is accepted?

How much time is allowed for the manuscript publication after the patent publication?

The standard journal publication timelines apply here. However, if your patent is indeed accepted, that may help get your manuscript published faster due to the obvious novelty of your paper. So, all the best for your patent! Now, in case your patent is not accepted, you should still go ahead and submit a paper as you tried something new and this has value too. :-)

Also, editing and publication support services (such as those we provide) could help ensure the novelty of your paper is well communicated to the editor and the peer reviewers, thus speeding it up toward publication. In which case, you may wish to learn more about our range of services here: Editage Editing Services

And for more help with patents, you may find this course relevant: Understanding patents in scientific research

But for now, again, here’s wishing you the very best for your patent!