Q: Can I submit a paper done through research along with a summary to your site?

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I have published an article about plant teas, and I wish to share it with this group. I am hoping that someone can use it for further research.

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It’s great that you have published a paper and wish to share it with a larger group so that someone else can build on your research. In that case, you are probably looking to broadcast your paper. However, note that on Editage and Editage Insights, we do not host scientific papers. Editage is our scientific editing service that helps improve manuscripts in various ways to increase their chances of acceptance with journals. Editage Insights is our researcher support platform to help researchers and academics at various stages of their journey.

So, here are some resources from our site to help you with your query.

Now, our parent organization does provide a science communication service, Impact Science, that offers multiple ways to help disseminate your research. You may learn more about their offerings here: Impact Science

Finally, if you wish to simply share your paper with a group of researchers who can offer insights and inputs on it (and perhaps even use it for research of their own), you may check out our social-media (Facebook) group for academics and researchers across the world: Researcher Voice

All the best for sharing/promoting your paper!