Q: Can I submit part of my dissertation to a journal while it is still being marked?

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Also is there some sort of academic obligation to include your supervisor in the submission? Mine did not contribute to my diss beyond shrugging his shoulders and saying "that sounds good" so I would be happy to just publish it under my own name but I do not want to commit an academic faux pas.

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Thank you for your question. Submitting a part of your dissertation that is not yet published to a journal is not recommended. Wait until your dissertation is approved, and then, submit a part of it to a journal.

Based on your statement, your supervisor did not contribute substantially to the paper. After you decide which journal you wish to submit your paper to, in the author instructions page, you will note that authors have specific requirements to meet. As your supervisor will, in all likelihood, not meet these requirements (the basic requirement is that they should have contributed substantially to the paper or experiment), there is no need to include their name.