Q: Can I talk about the same theory or model at different invited conferences?

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I am required to write a report for Proceedings after conference presentations. But its contents are inevitably similar to another report which summarized for another presentation at a different conference I was invited to. In such case, is there any risk to be considered self-plagiarism? If there is any criteria or rule to avoid self-plagiarism, please advise.

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The same poster and paper cannot be presented at different conferences; however, presenting different components within the same study at different conferences (or even at the same conference) would be acceptable. So, if for example you went to Conference A and presented Paper A, and then you go to Conference B to give a presentation, you can reference Paper A in your talk and discuss that research (just as you would in another article), and explain that it is a different component of your work in Paper/Presentation B. Then you would cite Paper A at the end of the slides (or the footer or the appropriate slide) and include the relevant citations in the abstract used in summary and record of the proceedings.

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