Q: Can I use data and methods from my previously published paper if I cite the source?

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Hi, I have a question on self-plagiarism. Can I take some parts (Data, Methods) from my published paper, and use them for the manuscript that I am currently writing? Would that be considered as self-plagiarism? I think it shouldn't be an issue if I cite the parts properly. Can you give me some tips on this?

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You can use data from a previously published paper, provided you cite the source clearly. However, when using the data, make sure that your new work is distinctly different from the previous study. The two studies should be distinct enough to warrant two separate publications without being considered a case of salami slicing.

Editors tend to be more tolerant of textual similarities in the methods section, because most original studies use previously described methods. You can use the same methods as in the previous paper, provided you cite the source and inform the editor. You should explain in the cover letter that the content duplication in the methods section is intentional as you have replicated a previously published method.  Also, make sure that you cite the source properly.