Q: Can I write a case report for individual subjects using the data for the group from a previous research paper?

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Two years ago, I had published a paper with anthropometric and exercise test data - all on a group level, without details/specifics about single [individual] subjects. Two subjects showed interesting physiological responses, which I have now thought to report in more detail (with more data and granularity) for the two subjects. Is it okay to develop a case report with this data, which was reported on a group level in the original paper?

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Thanks for providing the details. Please note though that we have made some edits for enhanced clarity.

So, from what we understand, it should be quite fine to proceed, keeping the following points in mind:

  • The information should be significantly more than what is published and further add to the literature, thereby warranting the need for publication.
  • The previous publication is referenced and clearly indicated in the case report.

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Hope that helps. All the best for the new paper!