Q: Should I write a performance analysis paper or a methodology paper based on my thesis?

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I have some unpublished results in my thesis. Can I write a paper with the results and content from my thesis? If so, should I write it as a performance analysis paper with all the results or write a methodology paper focusing on the highest results?

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You have multiple questions and have also touched upon multiple aspects in these questions. Let me respond to them one by one.

  • Writing a paper from a thesis: You can write a journal article from your thesis, provided the thesis is only available for circulation in your university/institute and not in the public domain. If it was published for a broader audience, it may not interest the journal as it would not be a new study. You have mentioned that you plan to use only unpublished results and some content from the thesis. You will need to determine if this is sufficient and novel enough to write an article, even if your thesis has not been published in the wider domain. Finally, if considerable time has passed since your thesis was completed, you will need to determine if you need to include a review of literature published since your thesis.
  • Deciding between a performance analysis paper and a methodology paper: Firstly, from what I know, performance analysis is a term relevant to the field of image processing, in particular, to check how various algorithms are working or performing. So, broadly speaking, you wish to know if you should write an application-based paper or a methodology-based paper (also called a theoretical or conceptual paper). You will need to make this decision based on the following factors.
    • If time is not a constraint presently (that is, there is no tremendous pressure to publish), you may decide to work on an application-based paper. A paper explaining the applications of a procedure/software/method is more in-depth or “well-rounded” than a purely theoretical paper, especially in the case of your field. Of course, this also involves more time and perhaps the need to run more tests and experiments (or simulations, in the case of image processing).
    • If time is a constraint presently, you could decide to do a theoretical paper. There are journals that accept theoretical papers; you will need to identify and submit to one such journal. Later, once you conduct more tests and obtain more results, you can also decide to work on an application-based paper as a follow-up to the theoretical paper.

All the best for whatever you decide. If needed, you may also decide to consult with a senior.

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