Q: Can we add a few parameters in our own published paper?

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Firstly, if your paper has just been published (or even if a while ago), congrats! However, the joy of the published paper seems to be tempered with the consideration of some changes in the paper. The question is, are these additions or errors? Because corrections (for errors) to a published paper can be done through corrigenda (if made by the author/s) and errata (when committed by the journal), but not additions.

If the paper has been published only in print form, changes may not be possible. If it has been published only in digital form, changes are possible—at least technically, although in our opinion unlikely. The matter is for the publisher to consider but raises several related questions: Why do you wish to add a few parameters? How does that addition affect the rest of the paper? Why were the parameters not added to the manuscript earlier?

Bear in mind that a published paper has passed through several stages, and the closer you are to final publication, the fewer the possibilities of changes. You do get a chance to make some changes at the proofing stage, but this is only for essential corrections (as you may have also been advised), and the operative word being ‘corrections’ (for minor errors).

Additions would be tough(er) to do. In a manner of speaking, you cannot ‘put the toothpaste back into the tube.’ You may, however, explore the possibility of publishing an addendum to the published paper. For which too, you’ll need to connect with the journal editor.

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Hope that helps. All the best for the addendum paper – or a brand new one!

[With inputs from Yateendra Joshi]