Q: Can we present the same results both in a figure and a table within the manuscript?

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I submitted a manuscript with data presentation with figure and table (Raw data). But now I have been told to not add similar data in both table and figure. However, figures are easy to present data, while tables include the raw data. Therefore, I think both are important. What's your suggestion and guidance in this case?

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The same data cannot be presented as both a table and a figure. This would mean duplication of content. This is one of the most basic rules of academic writing. No journal would want you to use both a table and a figure to present the same data.

My advice to you is that choose the best form of representing your data: if you feel that a figure will give the readers a better understanding of the overall significance of the data, use a figure rather than a table to present your findings.

However, since you feel that the raw data are also important, include a table with the raw data as supplementary material. That way, your manuscript will contain only the figure and the table will be included in an appendix. You can add a footnote after the figure mentioning that a detailed table with all the raw data has been included as supplementary material in the appendix. That way, you will be able to follow the journal's requirements and also provide the raw data for the perusal of any reader who wishes to know the details.

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