Q: Can you answer a few questions about my research paper title?

Detailed Question -

My research topic is: "How to improve the quality of customer service in Continental Hotel?"

1. Is the phrase "how to" to vague?

2. Should we limit the time from 2017-2020?

3. Should we change the title?

Thank you very much for your time.

1 Answer to this question

You have not mentioned which field you are from. I wonder why you are limiting your research to one specific hotel. It might be a good idea to make the topic broader and applicable to a specific category of hotels rather than just one hotel. For instance, a study about the quality of customer service in five star hotels in New York might be of interest to a larger audience. 

Now let's come to your questions:

1. The phrase "how to" is not vague and is quite commonly used in research papers. 

2. Whether you should limit the study to a specific time-span is totally your call. It depends on the availability of data as well. Assigning a specific time-frame might make it easier for you to collect data.

3. The title you have suggested sounds quite clear and comprehensive. If you are changing any of the parameters of the study, you will definitely have to change the title, but otherwise, it sounds fine. 

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