Q: Can you help in indexing our journal?

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I am Dr. Nazar Haddad, Assistant Professor of Chemical Pathology and Managing Editor of The Medical Journal of Basrah University (MJBU). Can you help index our journal in a suitable database?

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It’s great that you are considering having your journal indexed. Journal indexing is done to increase the reach, readership, and reputation of a journal, or to put it differently, make it "go more global." While we do not provide journal indexing support, we can offer some pointers here on how to go about having your journal indexed.

To begin, you will need to search for databases in a related field (medicine in the case of your journal). Note that different databases provide different kinds of indexing, such as abstracts, keywords, citations, and so on. Once you identify a few relevant databases, you can go through their site for indexing guidelines, and then proceed to apply for indexing. The database will review your application and then decide on it, based on factors such as type of articles published, quality of published articles, submission and publishing procedures, and so on. If needed, they may ask you to make some changes to the workflow. Once satisfied, they will approve your application.

Note that the entire process can take considerable effort and time, as it did with the Korean Journal of Internal Medicine (KJIM) when applying to the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) database. Also, note that you may index your journal in multiple databases to keep widening its visibility.

For other pointers on journal indexing and a list of some databases, refer to this resource: Journal indexing 101: Understanding the basics

For tips on making your journal a global journal, check out this interview: Tips for journal editors transitioning from regional to international

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