Q: Can you help me by writing a problem statement, background information, purpose of study, significance of the study scope of study, limitations, and organization of the study for my thesis “Digital transformation strategy for Africa?

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There is not enough internet connection, electricity, or infrastructure. There is a digital skill gap, lack of digital innovation and entrepreneurship, lack of critical sectors to drive digital transformation, lack of digital governance, lack of digital education, lack of digital health, lack of digital agricultural, lack of cross cutting themes, and a lack of emerging technologies.

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Thank you for your question. Though we will not be able to write these for you and since, with your knowledge and expertise on this topic, you’re the best person to write these parts of your thesis, we will share some useful resources that will help you write them. Please find these below. For more, you can search the forum/site using the relevant keywords; we have plenty of such resources on the forum!

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Hope that helps. All the best for your thesis!