Q: Can you help me with my practical research?

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My topic is: 'Contemplate on the value of being clearly focused, fully concentrated, and patient enough to follow the process of doing an assigned task.'

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Firstly, note that we have edited your text to hopefully gain a better understanding of your question. However, even then, what you are seeking does not seem clear. This is because practical research, in contrast to academic research, is meant to come up with a solution to a real-world problem. In contrast, the topic statement you have provided seems to be about discussing the value of the task at hand; in other words, it seems of academic value. In fact, this seems more like an opinion or perspective piece. So, we are sharing a link to a relevant piece on the site, in case that helps. (Here you go: A young researcher's guide to perspective, commentary, and opinion articles) Additionally, what you have written sounds similar to action research. So, here’s a relevant piece for that: What is an action research report and how is it written?

Now, in case you are looking for help with something else, you may of course look up the site using appropriate keywords. Hope that helps. All the best for your topic/research!