Q: Can you help me with my research title, as my teacher has already rejected it multiple times?

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My research title is 'Problem faced by student during prayer time due to the lack of the place to pray.' My teacher has rejected it six times. I [have] tried another title, but he said it [is] still not good.

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Sorry to know that your teacher has already rejected your research title so many times. :-( The present title does not seem to have too many issues. So, without seeing the main paper or knowing more details of the paper (in case you are yet to write it), it would be difficult to say what’s not working about this title. All the same, we have provided an edited version of the present title here: ‘Challenges faced by students at prayer time due to a lack of place to pray.’ We have made it a bit crisper (shorter) and made some edits here and there (indicated in bold).

Apart from that, here are a few key points to note about a research title:

  • It should communicate the exact focus of the study.
  • It should be short, concise, and attractive.
  • It may also mention the type of study, such as ‘qualitative,’ ‘mixed-methods,’ ‘cross-sectional study,’ and so on.
  • It should be written after writing the rest of the paper, because then, you are clearer about the focus of the research. However, you may also have a working title when starting off the paper and then fine-tune it on completing the paper.

For more help with writing titles, you may refer to the following resources:

You may also look up similar papers online to know how their titles are relevant for their respective papers/research.

Apart from these resources, we would also suggest discussing the matter with your teacher. As he has rejected it so many times, there is some problem/challenge he is having with this. The challenge could be with the title itself, with some parts of the research/paper, or with something else. A direct discussion with him may be more fruitful than going on writing and presenting titles to him without knowing exactly what he is looking for. Apart from this (and in case, for some reason, the teacher is not meant to provide guidance in academic assignments), you may also decide to discuss this with a classmate or senior.

Hope that helps. And hope you are eventually able to work out a title that he and you both like. :-)