Q: Can you help me with the rationale for my research on secondary school teachers?

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My topic is: Daily hassles, perceived family support, and psychological well-being among secondary school teachers.

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Your topic is quite relevant. Whether teachers or other professionals, without any or significant family support, the daily hassles of life can get to the individual and begin affecting their psychological well-being.

Coming to your query, the rationale or the justification has to talk about the reason for your study – why your study is needed. While this may seem obvious (to improve the psychological well-being or quality of life of secondary school teachers), you need to talk about the factors that cause stress and the challenges teachers face in managing their well-being.

A good way to start is by looking at what other studies have to say about this topic or problem, and therefore, how your study will add to the existing information or offer new insights or solutions. All this will come from doing a comprehensive literature search around the topic.

For more information of the rationale/justification of a study, you may refer to these resources:

Hope that helps. And all the best for your study!