Q: Can you help me with these three parts of my project that have been giving me issues?

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My topic is: Unemployment and Economic Growth in Nigeria. Chapter Two of my project has been giving me issues. I have been struggling with some things for over three months now. I can't figure out how to present them. I need your help. Here are the things that are giving me issues:
(2.5) Limitations of previous studies
(2.6) Justification of the study
(2.7) Summary of literature review

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Hello Igboru – Welcome to the forum! So, let’s get to your queries straight away so that you don’t have to “struggle” more than you have been doing so already. :-)

What we will do is to provide a basic short response for each point and then provide a relevant link for each for you to explore more. So, here goes…

  • Limitations of previous studies: These are typically mentioned in the Discussion section of those papers. If they are not, you will have to read or at least scan through each relevant paper to identify the limitations. Relevant link > Limitations of a study
  • Justification of the study: Also known as the rationale, this quite simply is the reason why your study is necessary. This is not so much from your personal perspective, but from the perspective of the broader research area or target population. Relevant link > Rationale for research
  • Summary of literature review: There are two categories of literature review. One is a review (or paper) in itself. The other is where the review is a part of the paper. It seems yours is the latter sort. If so, the literature review is written in the Introduction section and has to provide a snapshot of what relevant studies say about your topic. Relevant link > Literature review

Hope that helps. All the best for your project. Hopefully, you’ll be struggling less now. :-)