Q: Can you help me write the title and introduction of my research paper?

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When it comes to writing a title of a manuscript, I wonder if it would be okay to use a title such as: ‘The problems of national coping plans and solution plans when some incidents happened.’ I have no idea. Moreover, how should I start writing the introduction part? It would be great if you can help me out.

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Without looking at your manuscript, it is difficult to determine whether the title you have suggested is appropriate. However, it does need some editing for clarity accurate English grammar usage. One suggestion would be to write your title last, after you have written the entire manuscript. At this point, you can ask yourself exactly what the focus of your manuscript is and what key words you would want in the title. Here are some tips to consider: 

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The introduction section is meant to set the context for your research work and highlight how it contributes to knowledge in your field and builds on previous similar studies. The following two articles can help you frame the introduction section:

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Answer: The purpose of a title is not to explain what your research is about, the first few alineas are to describe your research. The purpose of a title is to attract readers. Yes, that is true also for scientific work. Why would you write a research paper that nobody reads?What do we do in {country} when an accident happens? (Research paper by {name and title} ‘The problems of national coping plans and solution plans in case of incidents'.) Now the opening question is a real question and people who are interested will continue to read.
Answer: hello ,i have a question concerning my thesis ,how can i write a good introduction in chapter 1 ,my topic is on smartphone addiction ,what is the main things that should be written in it so that i can move forward to my problem statement .

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