Q: Can you help with this matter of morals/ethics?

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What would you, personally, do in case you are ordered a deal by which you were to give up part of your morals or beliefs in return for certain worldly gain? What if you really need that deal? How much of your morals would you be willing to compromise?

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While your question is as serious and complex as any question around ethics, you haven’t provided more details, even if to suggest it’s around the ethics of research or research publication (which is what this forum and site are about). If it indeed is about research or research publication ethics, we have quite a few articles on the site as also questions by other researchers (and our responses to them) in the forum that you may look up, using the relevant keywords. We have provided a few here (close to the themes of being pushed against the wall and considering giving in or fighting suggested in your query), to get you started. In fact, the last piece, a researcher reflection, mentions a scenario that you might find hits home, where fortunately (for research ethics, at least), the researcher was able to resist/desist.

Additionally, you may also refer to the courses on R Upskill, a sister brand providing learning programs for various aspects of a researcher’s work and career, including ethics. Again, we have provided a few here (one a macro-look at matters of research ethics, the other a closer look through case studies). For more, you may look up the platform through a search.

Hope that helps. All the best in resolving the situation.