Q: Can you suggest ISI indexed mathematics journals that offer rapid publication?

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I want to know some ISI journals in mathematics with rapid publication and low index.

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Answer: International Annals of Science https://journals.aijr.in/index.php/ias is a multidisciplinary Journal accepting articles from all area of Science and Technology including Mathematics with Rapid Review Option, However, it is not ISI indexed.

Cogent Mathematics is an ISI indexed journal that offers rapid publication. It can be found on the Thomson Reuters master list. The journal is fully open access and also offers flexible article processing charges.

Some other mathematics journals that offer rapid publication are the Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science (JMCS) and the Journal of Modern Methods in Numerical Mathematics. However, I could not find them in the Thomson Reuters master list.

Elsevier has quite a few rapid publication journals in the field of mathematics. You can access the list here. However, most Elsevier journals would be indexed in Scopus, rather than ISI.
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