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Beyond Research

Research is not just about publishing journal articles. There's so much more to learn! Through these posts, you will get to know more about topics related to scientific communication, e.g., research metrics, scientific awards, journal workflows and processes, new products and tools related to academic publishing, issues in science communication, etc.
If you are a researcher, you will certainly relate to this powerful video. The “publish or perish” culture is taking its toll on researchers and the entire publishing communityMore and more papers are being retracted every yearMany authors are giving in to unethical publication practices (salami slicing, plagiarism, duplicate submission. etc.)Predatory and bogus publishers are scamming authors by offering false publication guaranteesScience is losing its firm foundationAre you committed to the...
A survey has shown that there is a gap in understanding between authors and journal editors. Authors don’t always have all the information they need about aspects such as editors’ requirements, submission guidelines, authorship criteria, journal processes, ethical guidelines, etc. This results in a lot of confusion and poor submission quality. As the single point of contact for authors, it is up to journal editors to bridge this gap. These slides show how journal editors can provide authors...