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Global Trends

The academic publishing industry is a busy and dynamic one with different trends dominating different countries in the world. Read the posts in this section to follow global trends in academic publishing and to stay updated about best publication practices in different parts of the world. The posts in this section will help you develop a global understanding of scientific communication.
Our society journal is accepting submission of papers from authors in EU region. Submissions can be done via email or submission systems (ScholarOne) etc. Sometimes the credit card number is required for charging submission fee etc. Upon enforcement of GDPR as of May 25, 2018, is there any matter to be taken care of or any necessary measures of action to be taken?
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  • Jun 13, 2018
China aspires to lead the world in artificial intelligence by 2030
After big data, the phenomenon that has caused a stir in the scientific world is that of artificial intelligence (AI). Whether it is healthcare, manufacturing, scientific research, or warfare, AI has numerous potential applications. In other words, leadership in AI has the potential of giving an unprecedented advantage to a country. China aims to become a global leader in AI by 2030. This article takes a look at how well-equipped China is to achieve this goal. 
3 Reasons behind Japan's deteriorating scientific landscape
Scientific research lies at the core of Japan, the third-largest economy in the world. Since 2000, Japanese researchers have won 17 Nobel Prizes in the sciences, which only emphasizes the nation’s scientific prowess. However, in the recent years, Japan has been struggling to maintain its leadership position in research. This article takes a look at the factors that have led to the decline of research in the country, leaving research leaders in the country anxious about their future.  
China's reverse brain drain: Why Chinese researchers are choosing to return to China?
Since the last 20 years, China has focused on becoming a global leader in innovation and there are indications that the country is succeeding. Today, China has become a land of opportunities not just for the homegrown researchers but also for those Chinese researchers who had left the nation in search of greener pastures in the West. Even non-Chinese researchers are displaying interest in taking up research in China. Why is China keen on reversing the brain drain? What is attracting Chinese...
How socio-cultural factors influence publication practices in China
Is it possible that the socio-cultural factors of a country can influence the publication practices of the researchers? This article delves deep into the factors that have shaped Chinese researchers over the years, and takes a look at why the country has had a string of incidents related to research misconduct and the efforts Chinese government is taking to contain these malpractices. 
Why President Trump needs to appoint a science advisor immediately
More than six months into his presidency, the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has not yet appointed a science advisor and has displayed no definitive signs of doing so. The White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) currently has only 35 people with many key positions vacant. This has academics in the country worried because without any science experts, the country might lose its leadership in science and technology.       
How many PhD diplomas are granted every year in China?
Brazil’s new government proposes budget cap
Brazil's new government headed by President Michel Temer is attempting to pass a constitutional amendment that would hit science funding hard. The Brazilian science community, which is still reeling under the last year’s plunge in science budget, feels that this move would be catastrophic for the country’s scientific enterprise. 
The election of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as the President of the United States has sparked strong reactions among academics. How would science fare under his governance? 
Qatar’s rise as a global research destination
Qatar is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the top destinations for researchers across the globe. The country is trying to transition into a knowledge economy, and is therefore, investing heavily in higher education and research. The article explains in detail the reason behind Qatar's growing popularity among the science community.