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Global Trends

The academic publishing industry is a busy and dynamic one with different trends dominating different countries in the world. Read the posts in this section to follow global trends in academic publishing and to stay updated about best publication practices in different parts of the world. The posts in this section will help you develop a global understanding of scientific communication.
Why nurses should contribute to health-related academic publications
In the ever-expanding academic literature pool, health-related academic journal publications authored by nurses are very rare. In this post, Jolene Menezes, Editor of the journal Gastrointestinal Nursing emphasizes the importance of having publications authored by nurses. Jolene argues that as primary care givers, nurses continually innovate and their contributions could benefit the healthcare industry at large. She goes on to explore some of the reasons behind the lack of nurse publications.
The field of gastrointestinal (GI) nursing has evolved and GI nurses can go on to become healthcare professionals
The stereotypical view of a nurse is a person who tends the sick, injured, or infirm. However, I have realized that there is much more to the role of gastroenterology and stoma care nurses than tending the sick.  
Punctuating headings in research papers
In recent years, cases of misconduct and unethical practices in publication have been increasing at an alarming rate. Cases of image manipulation, such as the highly publicized STAP stem cells case, and of fraudulence
Over the years in Brazil, open access has emerged as a favorable solution to help increase the visibility of Brazilian researchers in the global research arena, and the SciELO portal has proved to be one of the earliest, and arguably most successful, open access initiatives
Should Brazilian researchers be wary of open access?
Given the research community’s increasing interest in open access and the fact that several countries are adopting it as an integral part of scientific communication (e.g. China and the USA), i
Where does China stand in the global PhD boom?
China is the top annual producer of PhDs in the world today, having surpassed even the US since 2008. Despite the fact that post-graduate programs in China resumed only in 1978 after being stopped completely during the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution, there has been 
Public investment into scientific R&D has plateaued across the world, and this transition seems to have affected basic research the most. It it were the year 1960 and you had $10 to spend on science, what would you spend it on?
The challenges of China's peer review system in the face of emerging Western trends
China is emerging as one of the leaders in global scientific output and research. But what about the current quality of Chinese journals and is it related to a difference between how China and the West manage their peer review process? 
What direction should China take with peer review?
Indeed, China’s academic publishing industry is thriving, offering its scholars thousands of journals to publish in. However, when benchmarked against journals from English-speaking countries
open access
The open access (OA) movement is gaining worldwide consensus as more and more countries are joining the effort to make research freely available.