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Global Trends

The academic publishing industry is a busy and dynamic one with different trends dominating different countries in the world. Read the posts in this section to follow global trends in academic publishing and to stay updated about best publication practices in different parts of the world. The posts in this section will help you develop a global understanding of scientific communication.
What would happen if you lost all your data?
Imagine what would happen if you woke up to realize all your research data is lost! It is possibly a researcher’s worst nightmare, something some unfortunate researchers have faced in reality. While complete data loss might sound shocking, even more shocking is the way some researchers h
Researchers facing challenges with funding and infrastructure may stand to learn from the region's recent events.
Perceptions of science in media and the non-scientific community
Wouldn’t be interesting to know how the general public perceives science and what their views are about researchers? 
I understand how to calculate IF as per JCR rule, but do organizations in China recognize papers published in a journal on the year of name change?
  • Ms. Li
  • Jan 11, 2014
impact factor and journal publication
The impact factor is one of the most discussed topics in the publishing and scientific community. Thomson Reuters assigns most journals a yearly impact factor (IF), which is the mean 
Without doubt, all eyes in the academic publishing industry are on the Asia-pacific region now. And this is not surprising, as over the last few years, this region has been the centre s
The Nature Publishing Group released The Nature Publishing Index 2012, China, in May, 2013. This index is based on papers published in the prestigious Nature group of journals. From this report, it seems that China
China's performance in global R&D
This article discusses the latest available statistics on China’s progress in R&D, based on a global publishing report released by Thomson ReutersTM in February 2013 titled
Funding available for Chinese scholars
Here's a list of prestigious grants that are awarded to Chinese researchers every year. This list includes a special grant for researchers who have studied in the UK and who would like to recommence their research career after a break of a few years.  
I would like to know whether there are specific grants or awards for Chinese researchers to conduct research abroad.
  • Anonymous
  • Oct 16, 2013