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Scholarly Communications Good Reads

We love to stay updated about the goings on in the academic publishing industry to bring you the content that helps you stay ahead of the curve. In order to do this, we read up a lot! In this section, we share some of the most interesting bits of information we came across. Read these updates to get a monthly snapshot of what has been happening in the world of scholarly communication.
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, April 2017
The month of April was perhaps the most exciting time for academics around the world as several hundred researchers and supporters of science participated in the March for Science. While this movement dominated the news in academia, many other happenings too deserve notice. The Editage Insights team has curated a list of some of the most noteworthy updates in this month for you. Happy reading!
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, March 2017
A lot has been happening in the scholarly circles this month: from Trump's first budget proposal, to NIH allowing preprints in grant applications, a sting operation exposing predatory publishers, and talks about different models of peer review.We want you to be tuned in to all the interesting happenings in academia. So here’s a list of snippets of some noteworthy news and publications from this month. Happy reading!  
Good reads, February 2017
This month, we have an interesting list of recommendations for you. We tell you about the situation in the UK post Brexit, a recommended list of 15 best practices to rebuild the trust in scholarly publishing, a new proposal to combat the irrerproducibility crisis, fake news about science, couples in research, and much more!
Good reads, January 2017
A lot has happened in the academic world in the first month of the new year - from Donald Trump’s immigration ban creating anxiety among scholars to the disappearance of Jeffrey Beall’s list of questionable journals and publishers. We want you to be tuned in to all the interesting happenings in academia. So here’s a list of snippets of some noteworthy news and publications from this month. Happy reading! 
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, December 2016
The issues that received attention in the scholarly community in December were related to authorship, high subscription costs of journals, launch of Elsevier’s new metric CiteScore, privacy protection for scientists facing allegations of misconduct, Swiss participation in EU-funded research, and more. 
The best of Editage Insights in 2016
As the year is drawing to a close, our team of editors have compiled the best content we published in 2016. The curated list includes some thought-provoking articles, great tips from the industry experts, guidance to help researchers tackle some of the commonly encountered problems, and answers to questions that bother many researchers. We’re sure that reading this content would be a great way of welcoming the new year, armed as you would be with more knowledge, confidence, and motivation! We...
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, November 2016
November was an eventful month for researchers and non-researchers alike. While Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections was much talked about, some other issues in academic research publishing were discussed as well, e.g., a novel technique to curb plagiarism, the scalability of the peer review system, and challenges faced by most researchers.
Good reads, October 2016
Some of you would agree that staying on top of the happenings in the scholarly world this month was no mean feat! To ensure that you didn’t miss out on any of the buzz, our team of editors has curated the most exciting and thought-provoking deliberations they came across. Happy reading!
 Good reads, September 2016
We’re here, with our list of the most interesting discussions of the month, handpicked by our editors. Besides Peer Review Week, which was highlight of the month, there were exchanges around Elsevier’s patent for online peer review, the emerging trend of outsourcing clinical trials, the need for animal testing in biomedicine, and more.
Recommended reading about the scholarly publishing industry
Exactly a year ago, we started sharing monthly updates about trending discussions in academic publishing. Continuing this initiative, this month, we'd like you to read these articles about publishing costs, predatory publishing, academic misconduct and bad science. We've also included some interviews and blogs to keep you reading!