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Scholarly Communications Good Reads

We love to stay updated about the goings on in the academic publishing industry to bring you the content that helps you stay ahead of the curve. In order to do this, we read up a lot! In this section, we share some of the most interesting bits of information we came across. Read these updates to get a monthly snapshot of what has been happening in the world of scholarly communication.
Good reads, July 2016
Did your busy schedule keep you from following the hottest topics of discussion in the scholarly circles? Worry not! Our team of editors has been on top of the goings-on in academia and has curated a list of the most interesting discussions in the month of July. With exchanges buzzing around impact factor and its efficacy, open access mandates,
Academic publishing and scholarly communication: Good reads, June 2016
In June, most of the discussion in scholarly circles revolved around misconduct, corruption and credibility in science, the future of science communication, and of course, Brexit.
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, May 2016
What was the academic publishing industry talking about in May 2016? We bring you a quick overview of some of the hot topics of discussion: data sharing, retractions, author recognition, the reproducibility crisis, and much more. Happy reading!
Good reads, April 2016
The month of April saw recurring deliberations on interesting topics such as the evolution of peer review and its current state, the Sci-Hub initiative, career development of researchers, retraction, and so forth. This post shares some of the most interesting trends in academia this month.
Good reads, March 2016
The month of March has brought some interesting developments in the scholarly publishing scene: boost in research funding, data sharing mandates, retractions due to honest error and academics' protests in Turkey. This post shares some of the most interesting trends in academia this month.
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, February 2016
In February 2016, the scholarly publishing landscape was abuzz with discussions on topics like irroproducibility, government policy, struggles faced by postdocs, and delays in journal publishing. We tracked several science forums and blogs to follow up on these discussions and bring you an overview in this post. Happy reading!
Good reads-January 2016
The first month of 2016 was buzzing with a lot of activity on the scholarly communications front. To help you stay on top of the happenings in the academic publishing industry, our team of editors has curated some of the most interesting content published over the month. Of all the topics, open access, reproducibility of research, transparency in science, and gender bias in academia were some of the most recurrent themes discussed across science forums and blogs. 
Snippets from the most interesting goings-on in research and academic publishing in December 2015
December has been an eventful month for science. This post lists some of the most interesting news items handpicked by our team of editors. From the historic climate summit in Paris to interesting developments on the scholarly publishing scene, we bring you some snippets from the goings on in academia this month.
Good reads
November was an interesting month for the scholarly communication folks. This month was marked by discussions around irreproducibility, authorship conflict, and costs of publishing among others. Our editors followed all of these deliberations and would like to give you a glimpse into the most engaging perspectives on research
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, October 2015
October was an exciting month and we had so much to read about!  We closely followed the 2015 International Open Access Week, the debate on the ethics of stem cell research, problems with clinical trial registration, discussions on irreproducibility of scientific research, a new solution to determine author contribution in mass authorship papers, an insightful report on the peer review process released by Taylor and Francis, and new discussions on the sexism charge against Nobel Laureate Tim...


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