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Style and Format

Writing a manuscript is not just about getting the language and grammar right. It is also about the way in which you format your research paper, prepare various sections in your paper, follow subject-specific conventions with regard to using words, symbols, or terminology, cite your sources, follow the relevant style guide, etc. This section will help you with useful tips on various aspects of manuscript preparation.
Convert non-SI units to SI units: psi, mesh number, and quintals
Discusses the three non-SI units mentioned in the title (psi, mesh number, and quintals) and supplies appropriate conversion factors.
This post discusses the minutiae of expressing rates using negative exponents and the slash.
This post discusses the minutiae of expressing rates (kilometres per hour, grams per litre, etc.) using negative exponents and the slash.
4 major style guides on labeling composite or multi-part illustration
Learn about the minor stylistic differences in labeling the parts of a multi-part figure as specified in four major style guides.
Style tips for presenting genes and products of genes in scientific writing
Find tips on presenting genes and products of genes in this article. Gene nomenclature is fairly complex, and this article attempts to draw attention to its intricacies and provide some tips for authors. 
As an academic copyeditor who helps authors prepare journal-ready manuscripts on a daily basis, I work on a number of manuscripts that need to be formatted as per guidelines stipulated by a journal. These guidelines range from basic instructions on paper size and language style to exhaustive guidelines on formatting manuscript sections, presenting data, or citing sources.
PCR (polymerase chain reaction): style for thermocycles (temperature and duration) and for primers
This post explains how to print temperatures, seconds, and primers in describing a polymerase chain reaction.
A few points of style related to bacterial nomenclature
The article discusses a few points of style related to bacterial nomenclature.
How to write binomials or scientific names of organisms
This article covers the basic points of style authors should note while using the names of species in research papers. 
what is alt text
Discusses the recommendations concerning the use of capitals in eponyms
When I cite some other work, I'm not sure how I should write the reference. Should I use the name of the first author or that of the contact author before "et al."?
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  • Nov 18, 2014