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Using Editorial Services

Editorial services assist authors in making their manuscript ready for submission to their selected journal. This section includes informative posts on using online editing services, choosing the right editing service, communicating with scientific editors, and making the best of academic translation services. Authors will also learn about  the steps they need to take before sending their manuscript to an editorial service so that the final draft is publication ready.
Over the years we have measured “editing quality” in many different ways, and perhaps the most important of these is what you, the author, feel about the completed assignment. Have you been delighted by editing that brings out the true strength of your document? 
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An overwhelming trend in the feedback we have collected from authors who have worked with us over the years is this: The editor’s understanding of the subject area is the most important parameter that influences the quality of the edited document. We have reflected this crucial relationship
Publishing a paper is not an easy job! It is a complex journey with a lot of complications. But don't worry, Editage's Publication Support services will make this task much easier for you. Watch this video to learn how Editage can support you through your publication process. 
How to get the best out of a proffesional editing service
Most authors like to have their work reviewed before submission. Some may request their department head or a colleague to review their manuscript, whereas others may seek the help of a friend. English-second-language authors trying to get published in international journals often employ