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Science in East Asia is giving tough competition to major scientific forces
East Asia has emerged as an important science hub, and risen to a position where it is competing directly with the countries that have made science investment their priority. This article summarizes the key points highlighted in the Nature article that takes an in-depth look at the science in East Asia. 
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, June 2018
Do you know what the scholarly publishing industry was talking about in June 2018? We've curated for you an interesting mix of some great discussions about research and publishing. The topics in this edition include: peer review, the impact factor, Europe’s OA 2020 mission, China’s unique five-structure system, a recent image manipulation discovery, and tips for postdocs. Read on and stay updated!
Clarivate Analytics releases 2018 Journal Citation Reports
On June 26, Clarivate Analytics released the highly anticipated 2018 Journal Citation Reports (JCR).  According to the press release, the latest edition “incorporates new analyses” that provide a deeper insight to the scientific community about journal performance. Read on to know some noteworthy highlights of the 2018 edition of the JCR.
Nobel Laureates along with hundreds of U.S. researchers sign letter to defend animal research
Around 600 members of U.S. scientific community, including 4 Nobel Laureates, have signed a letter that urges research institutions in the country to be more transparent and open with their animal research. The main intent behind this initiative is to respond to the backlash that animal studies are facing. Read the article to know more about this initiative. 
Author perspectives on the academic publishing process
The Editage Insights team developed a large-scale survey entitled “Author perspectives on the academic publishing process” to understand the viewpoints of authors on various aspects of academic publishing and the challenges they face. Based on the interim results drawn from 5,293 survey responses, the paper Authors’ perspectives on academic publishing: initial observations from a large-scale global survey published in Science Editing presents some interesting and thought-provoking trends that...
U.S. to impose restrictive policy on Chinese student visa to safeguard its national security
While it was known that the U.S. was planning to revamp its policy around visas for Chinese students, earlier this month the new policy was confirmed during a hearing on student visas. Read on to find out all the details of the policy and academics' reaction to the development.   
Guest post in Scholarly Kitchen
We are witnessing a boom in science publications that is both exciting and concerning. Is this deluge in publications taking us closer to unravelling unsolved problems? Or is it leading to a situation where finding relevant literature is like finding needle in a haystack? The article titled Research deluge — are researchers writing more yet contributing less? published as a guest post in Scholarly Kitchen explores concerning aspects around the  exponential growth in the volume of publication in...
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, May 2018
The month of May has rushed past us, and a lot has transpired on the scholarly communication and academic publishing front. If you have been too busy to catch the buzz, do not worry! Our excellent editorial team has you covered. This month, conversations around the lack of reproducibility, challenges faced by researchers who move abroad, issues that libraries around the world are facing, and more such topics gained traction. So here’s a curated list of the most interesting discussions of this...
China cracks down on academic misconduct, issues tough guidelines for authors and institutions
China, one of the leading countries in scientific research, is working proactively to ensure that the researchers in the country abide by the highest standards of academic integrity. On May 30, 2018, the ruling Communist Party and the State Council issued new guidelines according to which the conduct of scientists and institutions would be recorded and assessed for academic integrity. Read on to find out what these rules constitute. 
Swedish consortium refuses to renew contract with Elsevier as Europe’s move toward OA gains momentum
The conflict between publishers and consortia around the world is showing no signs of ending. After the consortia (including universities and libraries) in Germany, France, and the Netherlands failed to renew their contracts with academic publishers, the Bibsam Consortium in Sweden became the most recent addition to this list. Read on to know why Sweden declared that it will not renew the agreement.