Choosing a service that fits your needs

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Choosing a service that fits your needs

Editage services are based on the specific needs that researchers have while preparing manuscripts for journal submission. Here are a few insights into the needs addressed by our Standard and Premium Editing services, as well as tips on how to select a service.

Premium Editing offers publication-focused editing that goes beyond the basic components of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. It covers the most important features that journals evaluate in a manuscript—most importantly, the editor ensures that the structure and logic of the paper, that is, the order in which arguments and information are presented, are in line with what most journals expect. The editor also provides suggestions on how to present the content more effectively, e.g., suggestions that make your research appear more convincing to the journal editor or peer reviewer.

Additionally, the Premium Editing service offers unlimited rounds of free re-editing for 365 days—which means that the editor can edit revised versions of your manuscript for free after you receive feedback from your co-authors, supervisor, or journal reviewer.

In short, use Premium Editing when…

  • You are not sure whether you have followed all the conventions in writing an article for journal submission
  • You do not have much experience in writing articles for journal submission
  • You are open to making changes in the structure or content of your paper
  • You are looking for extensive editing support at no additional charge after the first round of editing


Standard Editing is a fast and cost-effective option for authors who have significant experience in writing articles for journal submission. The focus of this service is to make detailed changes at the sentence level in order to make the English sound smooth and natural, while bringing out the author’s meaning clearly.

Post-editing support in Standard Editing is available in the form of unlimited rounds of “Client Questions”, where authors can send their doubts and queries to their editors.

In short, use Standard Editing when…

  • You are looking for checks that are focused more on the language than the content
  • You already have some experience in writing articles for journal submission
  • Your supervisor/co-author has approved the structure of your paper and has only asked you to polish the English
  • You have a relatively short deadline to finalize your document

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Published on: Dec 17, 2013

Used his own editorial and publishing experience to help meet service delivery expectations and ensure that researchers achieve their publication goals.
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