Q: How can I write a concept paper on fast food consumption?

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How to write a concept paper on the topic ‘fast food consumption’ with examples?

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It is difficult for us to help you write a concept paper on the topic of your choice. However, we can guide you on how to go about it. As you may already know, a concept paper is a short paper (about two-three pages long) written before undertaking a study outlining key aspects of the study. You should choose a research question based on the following factors: how relevant it is (to the target population), how novel it is, and how it builds on existing research (or suggests directions for future research). To arrive at a research question, you need to do a comprehensive review of the literature on the topic. In your case, you could go through recent literature on fast food consumption (in the country and also internationally, if needed) to explore various aspects and perspectives, such as consumption patterns, links to lifestyle, impact on health, and alternatives. Doing an extensive literature review will not only help you arrive at an appropriate research question, but also help you write the other elements of the concept paper. Here are some resources on how to do a literature search and choose a research question:

All the best for your literature review and concept paper!