Q: Could you advise me on an inquiry mail to the journal about the delay in publication?

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My manuscript submitted to a Springer journal was accepted, and the author proof was also completed. Usually, an accepted paper in this journal is published ‘Online first’ about 10 days after acceptance. However, my paper has not been published even after 40 days. So, I intend to inquire about the reason for the delay. Could you advise me on a sample sentence for such an inquiry? Thank you.

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Firstly, congrats that your paper was accepted! So, we can understand your disappointment in the online version not yet being available. About the inquiry mail, as you have surely corresponded with the editor in the course of having your paper published, you can go ahead and send them the mail. You needn’t worry about whether or not it’s impolite to do so. After all, it’s four times the mentioned timeline.

About the actual mail, you could again thank them for accepting the paper, say how eager you are to see it published and also share with your peers and the larger community, and therefore were wondering about the delay.

If really needed, you may refer to the templates provided in the below resources:

Hopefully, the response will be that it will be published shortly. We hope so too!