Q: Could you give me an idea on how to select a title for my research?

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I am going to write an abstract for my research, but I don’t know how to write the best title – or any other thing to write. So, kindly help me select a title.

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Hello Ajfan – Welcome to the forum! Please note that we have edited your question for greater clarity.

Coming to your query, you are facing challenges with writing a title for your paper and perhaps also with writing the paper. We can provide resources for all these. But note a few things for now.

The title should be relevant to your topic of research and it should attract attention. Else, people may not be interested in reading your paper. In case you are indeed stuck over thinking of the title for longer, you can have only a working (rough/draft) title for now and then finalize it once you have finished writing the main paper. By then, you would have become more clear of the focus of your research and thus be able to write a title easily. For help with the title, you may refer to this resource: 3 Basic tips on writing a good research paper title

If writing is an issue, it could be a problem with writing itself or a problem with the research. If it’s a problem with writing, you could try various things like: writing in parts, starting with the methods instead of the introduction, and taking a break. For the actual writing, you might find this short course helpful: How to write a publication-ready research manuscript

In case coming up with a research question is a problem, you may refer to this resource: How to choose a research question

Hope this helps. And all the best for both your title and your writing!