Q: Could you help me on how to start the background of the study of my business research?

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My research is a feasibility study of establishing a bone-setting treatment clinic.

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The background of a study has to provide the context of the study. It comes right at the beginning of the study (right at the beginning of the Introduction, in fact) and has to lead up to the need for the study. You need to base the background on your own knowledge and expertise of the field/topic and also on what you have gleaned from other studies on the topic. Which means that you’ll need to do a detailed literature search on the topic.

In your case, as it’s a feasibility study, you’ll have to look at what other studies say about factors such as requirements, costs, investments, efforts, and outcomes (success or failure) of setting up such a clinic. It may particularly help to look at studies that talk about success stories as well as those that discuss failures (in order to avoid making those mistakes). The feasibility study is basically meant to help both you and your funder arrive at a decision on whether you should go ahead with your project.

For the search and writing part of your study, you may find the following resources helpful:

Also, as yours is a feasibility study, akin to a research proposal, you may find these resources helpful:

All the best for your study – and project!