Q: Could you please provide links where I could publish an abstract for a conference in archaeology and anthropology?

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I have written an abstract. I would like to proceed with it at a conference. However, I don’t know any conferences that could be trusted. It’s my first publication. Could you please suggest any good conferences for publishing an abstract in the fields of archaeology and anthropology?

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Hello Aiya – Welcome to the forum! And straight away, kudos on having written your first abstract. Here’s hoping/wishing there’ll be many more in the time to come. :-)

Coming to your query, there are actually multiple inputs to provide. Let’s do so on by one.


We have several resources on the site on how to write a good abstract. We are providing one here. For others, you may look up the site using the right keywords. You may go through this to ensure your submission fulfills all the requirements for an abstract: A 10-step guide to make your research paper abstract more effective

Conferences (that you can trust)

You seem to be exercising the right amount of caution on wishing to identify conferences you can trust, especially as a first-time author-to-be. Just like predatory journals, there are predatory conferences, ready to prey on young researchers. So, kudos there too. To identify the right kind of conferences, you may use this checklist: The Think.Check.Attend checklist

Conferences (for your fields)

For this, you may refer to external databases such as DOAJ and Scimago. You may search them using the right keywords. From the search results, you may use the checklist shared above to shortlist a few conferences, and then arrive at one that fulfills your needs. For help with narrowing down your options, you may refer to this resource: Journal selection guide – Questions you should ask to make the right choice

Hope that helps. All the best with your first abstract/submission/conference!