Q: Could you please provide me the links of a few physical therapy journals that accept perspective articles?

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There are a couple of aspects to your query. Let’s take them one by one.

Submitting a perspective article

It’s great that you are considering submitting a perspective article. You no doubt are an expert in the topic you are planning on submitting and would like to share your views on it with a larger audience. However, note that perspective (or commentary/opinion/think pieces, as they are variously called), are usually solicited/commissioned by journals/journal editors. Pieces that are submitted by researchers/readers without being requested by the editor usually stand lower chances of being published. So, before submitting such a piece, it would help to write to the editor through a presubmission inquiry to gauge their interest in your piece.

And for help with writing a perspective piece, you may refer to this article: A guide to perspective, commentary, and opinion articles

Providing links to potential journals

As we wouldn’t know about your topic and due to the reason discussed above, it may not presently help for us to identify and suggest some journals. However, we can provide some pointers for target journal selection, based on which you can search for and shortlist some journals. Once you have a shortlist, as suggested above, you could send them a presubmission inquiry with an outline or an idea of your piece, to narrow down the shortlist further.

For target journal selection, you may find these resources helpful:

Hope that helps. All the best for your piece!