Q: Could you provide a list of open access (OA) publishers that publish articles free of cost?

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As an emerging researcher, I have affordability issues. I would like to know a list of OA publishers that publish articles free of cost. I want my work to be visible to everyone. I find that multiple publishers collect money from subscriptions, which will minimize the reach of my work. Kindly list OA publishers that publish articles free. Hope you will support.

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Hello, Kanchiranjan! Firstly, welcome to the forum. :-) And worry not about “support.” We provide a lot of it here, through various avenues – and I shall share each of them here. Also, there are actually several aspects to your query. So, let’s take all of these one by one.

  • There are many OA publishers that publish articles for free. You should be able to find quite a few of them through an online search. However, you should be aware of a few things. Many of these are less-established and do not provide the same quality (and therefore, reach) as better-established journals. Also, some of these may be predatory or bogus journals. While they may publish your article for free (or at least, initially claim to do so), they may later seek to extort money through other means. They especially prey on new/inexperienced researchers, and as you said that you are an emerging researcher, people like you would be especially vulnerable to “attacks” by these journals. To know how you can identify a predatory journal, you may go through this checklist (and also keep it handy): 10 Point checklist to identify predatory publishers
  • A better option would be to publish with a journal that offers a waiver. This is typically done for low-income and lower-middle-income economies. However, it may also be provided on a discretionary basis for individuals. For a sample of these details, you may refer to this page on the Taylor and Francis (T&F) site.
  • As you are probably affiliated (studying/working) with a university or an institute, your affiliation should be able to help to an extent too. Also note that, in case your research is funded, it typically includes a budget (however small) for article processing charges (APCs) as well as research communication.

Coming to the other parts in your query, you should know that a part of research communication also rests with you. To know more about how you can communicate your research better, you may refer to this resource: Why researchers ought to reach out to the public

Coming finally to the matter of support, there are two broad kinds of support you can find here. One is that of knowledge and information. On this site, you will find a vast amount of resources of different kinds – articles, queries, stories, and interviews, among others – that you can utilize to gradually build your capabilities as a researcher. Additionally, if you are looking to connect with other researchers in an online group, you may check out Researcher Voice, our group on Facebook that brings together researchers, academics, and scholars from different fields and parts of the world. On the group, members provide information, inputs, and insights of various kinds to each other. You may know more about the group here: Researcher Voice

Hope all this helps. All the best for your onward journey as a researcher! :-)