Q: Could you provide any information about the review process of The Pacific Review?

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I submitted an article to The Pacific Review, a Q1 journal. The status has been already changed by the EO to ‘Under Review.’ I have tried to find out information about others’ experiences with submission, but have found very few answers. Could you share with me any information about the journal’s review speed, acceptance rate, and various manuscript statuses? Thank you.

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Many journals these days openly share (on their sites) information about their review timelines and statuses. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with The Pacific Review, which incidentally seems to be a hybrid journal, offering a mix of open access and subscription-based articles. Unfortunately, we are not privy to this information either. So, we would suggest a couple of alternatives.

If you are quite keen to know this (even while your manuscript is under review), you may write to the journal/editor for more information. Incidentally, the contact details of the EIC don’t seem to be easily available on the journal homepage, but they are available on the indexing database Scimago. On this page on Scimago, you may click Contact to obtain the mail ID of the EIC.

Additionally, you may wish to pose your query in our Facebook group for researchers/academics, Researcher Voice. There may be someone in the group who has submitted to and published with the journal, and they might thus be able to provide you the details you are looking for. You may visit the group here: Researcher Voice

Hope that helps. As your article is presently Under Review and may come back with a request for revision (either minor or major), apart from the information-seeking you have planned, now may also be a good time to begin preparing for handling the peer review comments. In which case, you may find the following resources useful:

All the best for all the next actions!