Q: Do I need to pay extra for the colored pictures in my manuscript?

1 Answer to this question

There isn’t enough information in your question to ensure our understanding is entirely accurate. However, you possibly mean that your manuscript has been accepted but the journal has now reached out to you saying that you will have to pay certain charges if you wish to have the color pictures from the manuscript printed in the published version. If so, you may refer to this similar query from sometime back: Do I have to pay additional charges for color illustrations in my research paper?

So, if this is indeed the case, and as shared in the earlier response too, note that it’s not compulsory for you to publish the color images (and therefore, not have to pay for this); you may choose to print them merely as B&W. However, the fees for color images are usually not very high. Plus, color images may help your findings or even the overall research stand out. Color images also help if you wish to work on a graphical abstract for your paper. So, you may decide accordingly.

Hope that helps. And if your paper has indeed been accepted, congrats on that!

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