Q: Do you provide a certificate to prove that our manuscript has been professionally edited?

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The journal requested me to obtain this certificate.

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Yes, Editage does indeed provide a certificate to prove that the manuscript has been professionally edited. Actually, if you have had your manuscript edited by Editage, you would have been provided this certificate along with the revised manuscript. See a sample of the revised manuscript and the certificate in this document. (You will find the certificate on page 9 of the document.) If for some reason you did not get this certificate along with the edited manuscript, you may contact Editage about this using the form on this page.

Note that Editage provides English language editing services for academic and scientific manuscripts, articles, and papers. Editage Insights has a different purpose: we provide support for the different publication stages and for various aspects of a researcher’s life.

Finally, if you still need to have your manuscript edited, you may learn more about the various services offered by Editage using the Services menu on the home page. All the best for your manuscript!

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