Workshop: Editage workshop series on academic publishing at King Saud University

Editage workshop series on academic publishing at King Saud University

As part of the Scientific Research Forum (“Investment in Scientific Research: Challenges and Opportunities,” February 17–21, 2019), Editage conducted a workshop series at King Saud University, Riyadh, on February 17, 19, and 21. The workshop series was led by Mr. Yateendra Joshi, Consultant Academic Trainer, Editage, and Dr. Nithya John, Senior Trainer and Workshop Lead, Editage, who interacted with students, research scholars, and faculty members over three days, taking them through the essentials of publishing successfully and responsibly.

The following topics were covered in the workshop series:

  1. Understanding research integrity, ethics, and plagiarism
  2. Practical uses of databases in scientific research
  3. Writing and structuring a manuscript to impress SCI journal editors
  4. Selecting the right journal for your manuscript
  5. Responding to peer reviewer comments
  6. Promoting your research for better visibility 

The sessions were planned and ordered such that they offer information that would come in handy at key points in the publication journey. King Saud University is committed not only to increase their research output but also publishing in good-quality journals, so the topics aligned well with the vision of the university and the interests of the attendees. Mr. Yateendra Joshi and Dr. Nithya John had the attendees furiously taking down notes and clicking pictures of the presentation content as they shared tips on everything from impressing journal editors to promoting research using different formats like tweetable abstracts, 2-min theses, and video summaries.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with several research scholars and faculty members expressing their interest in attending similar sessions in the future. To sum it up, several questions were asked and answered, and numerous individual experiences were shared and learned from: if that’s not the perfect end to a workshop series, what is?