Q: Effects of Unemployment among the Youth in Hargeisa

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I want to write research for my Graduating of Master of Project Management. Therefore, I want your support.

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Welcome to the Editage Insights Q&A Forum, and thank you for your question. You haven’t really told us what part of your research writing you need help with, so we’ll take you through this process one step at a time.

You already seem to have figured out the first step of starting a research project i.e. identifying research gaps and formulating a research topic. So let’s proceed to the next step, which is writing your manuscript.

But before that, it’s best to first organize your manuscript using the IMRaD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) structure, which is recommended for research publications. Here are some tips for writing the perfect IMRAD manuscript.

Once your structure is ready, you can start writing your Methods section first. This approach is recommended because the Methods section is straightforward, and therefore simpler to get started with. Then, sequentially, proceed to writing your Results and Discussion sections. Finally, comes the Introduction section, which is best written in the end because it answers the why of your research. It is best to spend some time on this section setting the context, explaining the significance of your study to readers, what previous studies have found, and what your research aims to understand.

You may prefer a different approach, but this does seem to work for most. You can also refer to this for guidance: The complete guide to writing a brilliant research paper. With over 50 articles and 7 video tutorials, it is a curated list that covers all aspects of writing a research paper, including ethical considerations, style and formatting guidelines, structure of the paper, and more. You’ll find it very useful!

We also recommend this email course by our sister brand R Upskill: How To Write A Research Manuscript? Publication Coach. Writing a little bit every day is important when you’re working on a deadline. This learning course will help you make writing a habit with bite-sized tips, prompts, and step by step guidance every day, which will gradually but surely help you take your manuscript past that finish line!

Hope that helps. All the best for your study!