Q: Figure numbers are not continuous and need to corrected in submitted manuscript

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I have submitted an article in Physics of Fluids(POF). Within an hour of submission, I went back to the manuscript and found that figure numbers are not continuous and few of them are messed up. I am not sure what to do. Will I have a chance to upload the corrected manuscript? If so how can I do it. Will this mistake lead to rejection without any review.

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Thank you for your question! Please note that the journal guidelines mention the following: Figures must be embedded, in place, in your article-text file for the reviewer’s reference. Should your paper be accepted for publication, you will be asked to upload individual figure files. Number figures should be in the order in which they appear in text. The journal does provide you the opportunity for uploading individual figure files if your paper is accepted for publication. However, considering the fact that the journal also mentions that figures should be arranged in order, I would recommend that you inform the journal editor and acknowledge the numbering mistake in figures and revise it when the reviewers provide you the chance to modify your manuscript.

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