Q: For my review paper, can you tell me about any software to extract plot/graph data and provide a similar-quality plot/graph?

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I am writing a review paper. I was suggested to redraw all the plots/graphs from the research paper. How can I redraw all the plots? Is there any software that extracts the data and provides a similary quality plot/graph?

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It seems you are writing a quantitative systematic review or a meta-analysis paper, for which you need to statistically combine data from different papers or sources and therefore reverse-engineer the graphs. From what we know, you may need one kind of software to extract the data from the graphs and another kind of software to create the graphs from the extract data. We have provided a list below, both free and paid, of these two kinds of software. (Please note: We do not necessarily endorse any of these tools. You may explore each tool and similar others on the net to know what best suits your purpose.)

Graph extraction

Graph creation

Also, as you are doing a systematic review or meta-analysis, you should be aware that you need to register the protocol before starting the review. Also, a tool that will help you in your review is the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) checklist. You will find more information about protocol registration, the PRISMA checklist, and other aspects of systematic reviews in the following resources: