Q: If you have ever contracted someone to design figures, how did you find that person?

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I am looking to have a custom figure designed for a paper I am writing and was wondering what would be the best way to go about this.

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There should be many freelancers (both individuals and small groups) as well as small enterprises who would be able to help you in this, whether in your location or online. From the little you have mentioned, it seems an individual rather than a group or enterprise would be better suited for your task (and possibly budget). You could look up relevant sites and social-media pages or groups. You could also try searching graphic or design portfolios online or sites for these. Additionally, if you have a particular kind of figure in mind, you could look for similar figures on the net (whether in a journal, some other publication, or a portfolio) and see if there is contact information for the creator and then contact them directly.

A few points to note though:

  • It would help to seek out someone experienced with figure or design creation for scientific journals, as they would know what is involved and would be able to add relevant value.
  • Keep in mind your target journal’s guidelines for tables, figures, and graphics.
  • Ensure that you are not modifying the data in order to best design the figure.
  • You will need to acknowledge the designer in your paper.

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