Q: Help needed with doing a newspaper article.

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I need to choose a newspaper article and identify a table, financial index, icons, logos, and symbols.

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You seem to need help broadly with two things: writing an article (or coming up with a topic/idea for it) and then developing visuals and graphs for it.

Also, while you have mentioned that it’s a financial paper, you haven’t mentioned whether it’s research or academia-related, as that is the focus of our work and services. All the same, we can provide some resources from our site that you can use to work on and build your article, as the basic concepts would be the same.

For ideating for and writing the article, you may refer to these resources:

For help with developing visuals and graphs, you may refer to these resources:

Additionally, you may wish to use any of our range of editing and publishing services to help strengthen your article for publishing. Choose your service here: Editage Editing and Publishing Services

Hope that helps. And all the best for your article!