Q: How can I choose a suitable research design for my study?

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Good day! I am a resident pathologist from the Philippines, and I was asked by my boss to make a study on a new approach to signing out cases. However, I am stumped as to how I should present this case. All he wants is for me to present this approach, so my main objective, according to him, was to present the approach. Which kind of study should I use for this? Thank you!

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It is difficult to suggest a study design without knowing more details about the approach that you are planning to present. As a researcher, you will have to decide which research design will be suitable for the approach that you wish to present. Try to think of the research question and figure out what kind of data or evidence you would like to present. Also take into consideration the resources that you have at your disposal. Would you like to interview some resident pathologists? Would it be possible to procure data to understand the problems associated with sign-outs? Would you have access to computerized sign-outs which you could use as data?  These are some of the things that you might need to consider. 

One good way to get started would be to conduct a literature search. Go through published papers that deal with different approaches to sign-outs and see what kind of study design has been used in each article. This will give you an idea of the different types of study design that can be used. Additionally, talk to your colleagues and advisor and see if they have any suggestions. Finally, choose a design that seems optimal for your research question, data, and resources at hand.