Q: How can I develop a problem statement for my research proposal around social sustainability and construction practices?

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My research proposal is on social sustainability and construction practices for institutional buildings in Kyambogo University. An increasing number of students in the university are leaving due to limited learning space (for example, classrooms). Therefore, the institute has embarked on the construction of more buildings of learning. However, with the increasing amount of construction, the environment is being destroyed in order to create space for the buildings to be erected.

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Hi Mudde – Welcome to the forum!

Your proposal topic is interesting and (socially) significant. In fact, going by the short description of the problem that you have provided here, you seem to have already made a start on the problem statement. :-) So, we’ll just need to guide you to some relevant sources on our site that you can refer to. For more information, you may look up the site using the appropriate keywords. Hope that helps. All the best for the proposal – and also the actual study!

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