Q: How can I figure out a title for my paper without sounding plain?

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I don't want to say my research paper is about TCU and becoming a police officer. 

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Your question is not very clear. I think you want to know how to write an attractive title for a research paper. In general, the topic of an academic paper is serious, so it is best not to experiment too much with the title. It is very important that the title is clear and conveys the gist of the paper's content. You can try using a question to make the title attractive. For example: "What motivates an individual to join the police force?" Alternatively, you can also consider using a two part title separated by a colon; for example, "Becoming a TCU police officer: motivations and attitudes." Note that the titles mentioned are just examples. It is difficult to suggest a suitable title without having sufficient knowledge about your area of research.

Here are a few tips to help you write an appropriate title:

  • Ensure that the title clearly indicates what your research is about.
  • Keep it brief, informative, and attractive.
  • Include relevant descriptive keywords that readers are most likely to search for.
  • Avoid using jargon as it might make the title too complicated and difficult to understand.

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