Q: How I can find good subject for my literature review article?

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I don't know how I can find good topic for my literature review article.

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The approach to finding a good subject for a review article is similar to that to deciding on the topic of research. One obvious source of suggestions is your research guide, if you have one, or other faculty of your department (assuming that you are a student). Even more important is your interest: the subject of your proposed review should interest you a great deal; you cannot write a good review unless the subject appeals to you. Think of the subjects or topics that make you curious to find out more.

Another approach is to read the conclusions of several research papers in your field because in that section, the authors usually hint at questions that need to be answered, and that could be a starting point.

You can also read some reviews and choose a subtopic that is not covered in the review in question but only touched upon. For instance, a review of the role of growth regulators in flowering of fruit trees may have focused on temperate fruit crops or on only some types of regulators: your review can be on tropical fruit crops or some other types of growth regulators or even on some other ways of inducing fruiting.

A recent article titled How to write a superb literature review also has some useful suggestions although its focus is more on writing the review after you have chosen a subject.

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