Q: How can I find a journal that will accept my article within four weeks?

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Hello, I need a free publishing medical biochemistry or nutrition journal indexed by Scopus with maximum acceptance time of 4 weeks.

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Since SCOPUS is an Elsevier database, the best way to select a journal that's indexed in SCOPUS would be to use Elsevier's Journal Finder. This is a tool that helps you select journals based on your field and area of research. It will also give, for each journal that the search shows up, the average time to get to a first decision. Thus, you will also come to know whether any of the journals that are suitable for your paper will give a decision within four weeks. You can then go to the journal's website and check whether they charge article processing charges (APCs). 

However, note that no reputable journal will gurantee acceptance. Thus, the best you can do is look for a journal that will give the first decision within 3-4 weeks. but if your paper is not accepted, you will have to submit it to another journal. To avoid rejection due to mismatch with the journal's scope and readership, send pre-submission inquiries to a few journals at the same time. Submit to a journal that shows interest in your paper. That way, you'll save time. 

However, beware of predatory or bogus publishers who lure authors with attractive assurances but are only looking to poach original ideas. You can use this checklist to ascertain that the journal is reliable before you submit your paper. 

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